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The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley
revived by Jocelyn and Nicolas Ridley

We were delighted to perform a rehearsed reading and recording of this classic play that has delighted theatre-goers for nearly 100 years.

Arnold Ridley’s son Nicolas Ridley was keen to make a few small changes to the original script to make it easier to perform and more likely to be staged. The results were brilliant and all the actors loved the chance of getting to grips with such an energetic and entertaining script.

Even sitting around a table and reading from scripts, the characters and drama came alive. 

No spoilers to this exciting plot,  but this very scary and entertaining play is as fresh today as it was when Arnold Ridley wrote it in 1927.

Ghost Train
Ghost Train
Ghost Train

Recent Work

Waiting in the Wings


We were delighted to return to the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes in June 2021 for our latest production of a collection of plays called Waiting in the Wings

The  plays were  presented to a socially-distanced audience and rehearsed online and outdoors on Barnes Green as we did for our last production Brief Encounters.


Performed and written by members of the professional Actors and Writers London group, they provide short insights into all kinds of waiting – for the right time, the right person or the right decision.
A combination of comic situations and serious dilemmas, they explore what can happen in the space that opens up as we wait.
Waiting in the Wings poster

Waiting in the Wings

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