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From This Day Forward

by Nicolas Ridley

Set in an alternate reality, 3 couples meet in a state-run facility and have just a few hours to make a life-changing decision. But can happiness really be mandated by the government? And how can laws and regulations make sense of the chaos of love and attraction? As the night gives way to morning, they are forced to decide.

Both fantastical but all too believable, From This Day Forward explores the nature of the married state and the rules that govern it. Will you guess which marriage survives?

Rare Fortune Productions return to the OSO with a company of professional actors and the same creative team who brought you Life Changes and Murder by the Book.

Nicolas Ridley’s plays have been performed throughout the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Australia and the USA. In Plain Sight and Friendly Bombs were staged at the OSO by Rare Fortune Productions. And Misconnections, his trio of short plays, at The White Bear, Kennington, in 2022.


19th-23rd July 2023


OSO Arts Centre, London

49 Station Road, Barnes, SW13 0LF


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Murder by the Book

by Robin Jennifer Miller

A creative writing retreat on an island. Sounds idyllic? Should be. But, when eight ill-assorted writers are cut off the mainland by a storm then frayed tempers, old jealousies and new resentments could possibly lead to…murder.

Murder By The Book  by Robin Jennifer Miller, was a sell out success at the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes in November 2022. Audiences delighted in the drama and you can read some of the enhusiastic responses here:

‘What a treat!  A gloriously entertaining locked room murder mystery… beautifully constructed, deliciously witty, wonderfully played.  Such an entertaining evening.  Congratulations, Rare Fortune.’  Gyles Brandreth

‘Excellent.  An intriguing plot, quirky characters, incisive dialogue and laugh out loud comedy, so refreshing in a murder mystery.’  Tom J.

‘A thrilling night… went down a storm.  Top notch plotting, acting and sound effects had us on the edge of our seats, and the thunderous applause at the end said it all.’  Sally S.

‘We were chattering all the way home about who and why and red herrings.  So much fun.’  Elly Y.



OSO Arts Centre, London



Directed by Maurice Thorogood

Ghost Train
Ghost Train
Ghost Train
Ghost Train
Ghost Train

Recent Work

The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley
revived by Jocelyn and Nicolas Ridley


We were delighted to perform a rehearsed reading and recording of this classic play that has delighted theatre-goers for nearly 100 years.

Arnold Ridley’s son Nicolas Ridley was keen to make a few small changes to the original script to make it easier to perform and more likely to be staged. The results were brilliant and all the actors loved the chance of getting to grips with such an energetic and entertaining script.

Even sitting around a table and reading from scripts, the characters and drama came alive.

No spoilers to this exciting plot,  but this very scary and entertaining play is as fresh today as it was when Arnold Ridley wrote it in 1927.

Ghost Train

The Ghost Train

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